a) A written notice of fifteen days is to be given by the parents/guardians to the Principal before the issue of a Transfer Certificate.

b) No Transfer Certificate will be issued to any student until all dues to the school are paid in full.

c) In case of an Emergency, the Principal may apply his / her discretionary power to issue the Transfer Certificate to a student within 7 days from the date of such application from the parents / guardian concerned. In such a case the parents / guardian shall have to pay the subsequent month’s fees, along with all dues, if any.

d) Students who fail twice in the same class will be served with a Transfer Certificate.

e) A student may be given a forced Transfer Certificate after receiving a third written warning for serious breach of discipline or for gross misconduct as observed by the Management.

f) Three month’s tuition fees and Annual charges (Session) will be charged if a request for a Transfer Certificate/ withdrawal is made at any time within 3 months after reopening of the new academic session / after taking admission.

g) A fee of Rs. 200/- will be charged for a Transfer Certificate. Duplicate Transfer Certificate will be issued on the production of an affidavit duly signed by a magistrate / Notary giving valid reasons.

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