Bus service is voluntry and not mandatory.Route of the school buses are drawn  up carefully  after due consideration to the convenience of the parents. However, the decision of the school authorities  on  routing, timing,  pick up point etc. of the bus will be final. Parents  should contact the school Transport  In-charge  for necessary details. Students  are not allowed to  change   their buses  under  any  circumstances. In case  of change  of residential  address/bus   stop/change in route;  kindly intimate the school  in writing. Please  note that the school  may have to take one month's  for any such change implementation. Cost  to  any  damage   to cushions, covers, curtains  or  any  other fittings,  fixtures,  etc. in the bus shall  be recovered  from the parents of the students  concerned.


a) Indiscipline  of the students  of any  kind will  not be tolerated and shall result in termination  of the bus service immediately.

b) It is expected   that  children   arrive  at  the  stop  at  least   10 minutes  before  scheduled  time to avoid  delays.  Under  no circumstances, the bus will wait for a late child.

c) Due  to  traffic   congestions,    machinery   trouble,   etc,   it  is expected that on such occasions  the bus may arrive late at scheduled  stop.

d) Stay  10 feet away from the bus until it stops completely  and the driver signals  you to board Enter in single  line without  pushing . Always use the handrail.

e) Students  living  off a main  route  are  expected  to get,  or be brought, to convenient  pickup point on the main route.

f) As  a  rule,  the  routes  will  be  planned   in  order  to  provide maximum  convenience, however  routes cannot  be always  customized  as per requirement.

g) Transport  fee will be charged  on the monthly  basis with effect from April. Therefore  parents applying  for transportation even in the middle of the month are required  to pay the transport  fee from the beginning  of the respective  month.

h) In ase withdrawal from transport.the school office should be notified,One month and prior to the discontinuation of bus service.

i) Keep hand and head inside the bus at all times.

j) Keep the bus clean and sanitary;  refrain from chewing gum or consuming  candy, food or drinks on the bus at any time.

k) Remember,   loud   talking    and   laughing    or   unnecessary confusion  divert the driver's attention  and may result in a serious accident.

l) Leave no books, lunches or other articles on the bus.

m) Remain in the bus in case of road emergency, unless directed to do otherwise  by the bus driver.

n) Don't throw anything  out of the bus window.

o) Always  remains in your seat while the bus is in motion.

p) Wait for the driver's  signal and then cross in front of the bus if you must cross the street after you get off the bus. Cross the street only after checking  both ways for traffic.

q) Never  run  back  to the  bus, even  if you  dropped  or forgot something.