Our School organise many trips and tours for students around the year. The Pre Primary and Primary School trips are often theme based, connecting to what they have in their curriculum – often based on studying elements of nature and engaging in activities close to nature.
Students in middle and high school go on longer excursions with varied objectives like exposure to various cultures, folklore, rural craft, outdoor and adventure activities.Their term also includes a number of short trips to museums, galleries, monuments, science cities. The idea of the trips is to combine soft adventure with learning activities.Students learn best when they can see, hear, and experience things first-hand. Multi-sensory learning is an important part of school life, and school trips answer the requirements of all five senses.
Tours are a particularly strong way to consolidate learning, as young people’s experiences can be directly related to the real world.



Here are some of the many reasons how trip and tour is beneficial for students-


1) Students learn in a multitude of different ways – traditional classroom learning may not always be best for every student.

2) Educational trips can be used to support all kinds of subjects – bringing learning to life.

3) Students can develop a sense of responsibility outside the classroom, giving them opportunities to put into practice, the content learned in the classroom.

4) It can help develop students’ self-esteem, self-confidence, and self-belief.

5) It gives young people the chance to experience cultures, respect differences, and develop new friendships with their peers and thus broaden their horizons and knowledge.

6) Tours are a strong way to consolidate learning, the experience from a trip can be directly related to the real world.