Sri Prabhu Greenville Children Academy is committed to provide high quality teaching, learning and assessment to enable all students to achieve their full potential. This will be achieved through high quality teaching and learning opportunities, rigorous assessment and feedback and the sharing of good practice.The teaching, learning and assessment policy and procedure aims to provide an effective framework for the delivery of high quality teaching, learning and assessment.This policy relates to all school staff engaged in facilitating, supporting and managing Learning. This policy should be applied in conjunction with the relevant assessment policies. Excellent teaching develops knowledge, skills and personal values developed through active learning and real world experiences. 


      1.Mrs. Reetu DeviTGT
      2.Mrs. MuneshTGT
      3.Mrs. Preeti RaniPRT
      4.Mrs. Seema Rani SainiPRT
      5.Mrs. Sonika SainiPRT
      6.Ms. Megha DeviPRT
      7.Ms. Ankita SainiPRT
      8.Ms. Shiwani DeviPRT
      9.Mrs. Deepika DeviPRT
      10.Ms. Gunjan SainiTGT
      11.Ms. Meenu DeviPRT
      12.Mr. Shimant BishtPTI
      13.Mrs. Chandini ChauhanLibrarian
      14.Ms. Pratibha NagpalTGT
      15.Ms. Jyoti KhurcheWellness Teacher
      16.Mrs. Rashmi SainiTGT
      17.Ms. Reetu Rawat