Whenever  you correspond  with the school about your son/daughter, kindly quote his/her  full name, class and section. All communication should be  addressed   to  the  Principal   and  sent  to e-mails regarding  admission  queries,  fee deposit  information.
(1) Parents  are requested  to read the contents  of the Student Diary  carefully and in the interest of the child,  abide by the rules laid down by the school.
(2) No student  will be allowed  to leave the school  early except  in cases of emergency   or if the  student  is unwell  and  has  a supporting   Doctor's report. This will be based on the Principal's  approval.
(3) Parents  are  requested   not to  visit  their  wards  in the  classrooms without the permission  of the Principal.




Teacher/Parent  notes in the student's  diary.School  circulars,  notices  & letters  need to be acknowledged by the parent on receipt. Homework,  Notices,  Updates  will also be sent through  school App to the  parent's registered mobile  number.  To expedite  your  queries  you are requested  to use the "UDT e-school application"




(a) To monitor the personal  hygiene of the child at home. 
(b) To ensure child is in proper school uniform.
(c) To  ensure   child   is  dedicating   time  toward   his  home  work   and ensuring that the child gets complete  sets of books as per time table.
(d) To  keep  the  school   informed   about   any  personal,   domestic   or medical  issues which  may be impacting  a child's  physical,  mental or emotional  well being.
(e) To  ensure   that   all   the   medical   requirements    of   a  child   like immunizations  etc are in order.
(f) To refrain from sending child to school if running any infections any duly sending in asick certificate to inform the school.
(g) For students  using the bus facility, parents to ensure that they pick up and drop off their children  at designated  stops on time. The bus will not wait if the child is late. In case a parent is not on time to pick up the child from the bus drop off point,  the bus driver will take the child back to school  and the parent will have to come to school and pick up the child.
(h) For parent  picking  up their children  and dropping  them off at school to ensure that they adhere to the timings strictly.
(i) No leaflets  or flyers  by any  parents  to be distributed   in the school premises   without   permission   of  the  Principal.   Such  action   amounts   to disciplinary  action.
j) Any rude,  unparliamentarily   language  used towards  any member  of
the staff or management   either  directly,  over the phone,  through  mails or otherwise  as may be brought  to the notice of the school  will be taken very seriously  and may even invite expulsion  of the child from the school.
(k) Parents are to maintain  discipline  during all school events  keeping  in
mind  the  events  are  put together  by the  students  of the  school  and  the students  efforts need to be felicitated  by their cooperation.
(l) To ensure  that  all school  dues  are  paid  on time  as per  rules  and
within  stipulated  time  frames  to avoid  invocation   of school  action  as per rules which includes suspension/withdrawal.
(m) Parents  are expected  to co-operate   in the working  of the school  by enforcing   regularity   and  discipline,   and  by  taking   an  interest   in  their children's   progress.   Parents  should  check  the  school  calendar   regularly and note the teacher's  remarks, put their initials and sign the student's  diary regularly.
(n) Students   must  pay  the  annual  charge  and  other  dues  before  the commencement   of the new academic  session with the stipulated  date to be notified at the end of the final examination,  failing which their names may be removed from the school register and they have to seek readmission.



(1) Report cards are issued to keep the parents abreast of the child's performance in school.
(2) Parents -  Teachers -  Meetings  PTMs are  regularly  scheduled throughout the year by class teachers. At any time a student, parent, teacher, counselor or administration may request for a meeting to discuss the progress or any other matters of concern.
(3) The school's account office will keep the parents informed about fees and dues.
(4) Parents are expected to take an active interest in their child's work and be guided by the teachers. In turn staff members are to ensure that no parents or child is ever belittled, either in private or in public, and that the gifts, favors and advantages are not to be solicited by anyone at any time at any level.


(1) Parents are welcome to meet the teachers on PTM days at the allotted timings.
(2) Parents are expected to,  by prior appointment; spend at least 15minutes with each of the child's subject teachers on a one-to-one basis at least twice a year.
(3) All parents are expected to participate in the school's ceremonies and routine.
(4) The school expects parents to volunteer their talents and skills for the benefit of all children.
(5) The parent-Teacher-interaction is a time tabled activity; parents areexpected to  look  at all the  work  done  by the  students  in class and elsewhere.