Norms followed for fixing school fee: 


The school fee is decided based on the expenditure incurred towards..

(1) Monthly salary of all the categories of the staff.
(2) Expenses towards Conveyance Facility and Uniform for Staff.
(3) Expenses towards Staff recruitment.
(4) Expenses towards Sports & Games Activities.
(5) Expenses towards Participation of students in Games and Sports
(6) Expenses towards Functions and Festival Celebrations.
(7) Expenses towards Clean water and better sanitation for students.
(8) Expenses towards library facilities.
(9) Expenses towards Availabilities of Bulletin Boards, Teaching Activities, Aids and  Supporting Materials.
(10) Expenses towards Motivational Awards, Certificates of Participation, Assessment  records.
(11) Expenses towards Stationeries and Xerox Materials.
(12) Expenses towards conduction of exams.
(13) Expenses towards Furniture and Equipment.
(14) Expenses towards 24 X 7 Security Services.
(15) Expenses towards SMS services and circulars.
(16) Expenses towards Teachers'Training Programme.
(17) Expenses towards CCTV Surveillance systems.
(18) Expenses towards health and hygiene safety.
(19) Expenses towards School Stationeries and Learning materials.
(20) Expenses towards students’ skill development activities , Art & Craft activity, drawing material etc.
(21) Expenses towards School Infrastructure Development and maintenance.
(22) Expenses towards High–end technology comprising School Management Software  for management / administration of school.
(23) Expenses towards First Aid.




Fee Structure (2021-22)



 1.Annual Fee1500/-1700/-1800/-2000/- 
 2.Tution Fee8400/-9000/-9600/-15600/- 
 3.Examination Fee1000/-1000/-1000/-1000/- 

Information Technology

(6th subject)

 5.Sports FeeNIL1200/-1200/-1200/- 
 Total (Annual)10900/-13500/-14800/-22200/- 

(1) This institution is private and does not receive any grant from the Government. Due to the increase in salaries and other expenses, the institution is forced to raise the fees from time to time and thus the Parents have to pay the fees as fixed by the Management & as per the state Govt norms in future without any dispute.
(2) Parents are expected to bear extra charges for the following:
(a) Regular School Uniform (Winter & Summer)(b) House Uniform (c) Text books, Notebooks & Stationary (d) Sports Kit

(These expenses are not included in the fees)

(3) Parents can submit their wards fees on monthly/quarterly/annually basis.
Fees are paid on a monthly basis in the respective month before the 30/31st of the month. 
Fees are paid on a quarterly basis in the month of April, July, October and January before the 30/31st of the month.
Fees are paid on an annually basis in the month of April before the 30/31st of the month.

(4) School Fees must be paid before the deadline. A late fee of Rs.50/- per month will be levied after the due date.
(5) Fees once paid in the school office will not be refunded under any circumstances.